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Chapter 10 The Final Battle

The New Construction site

“This is April O’Neil Chanel 6 new live. Where were here at the Construction site and police informed me that three children helplessly hung in that cab. But ever police member that has gone rescue the children have being attack by the Sandman and Electro. Right now I can see green smoke coming on top…hang on…it say surrender Spider man. We will don’t know what will happen if only Spider man showed up and save the children.”

Inside the cab

“What’s going to happen to us Molly?” Fiona asked as all three of them snuggled together.

“I don’t know! I just want my brother.” While the crowd of people watched the helpless children.

“Look!” Shouted a little girl who spotted Spider man swinging on to a building running to the rescue. Along with Speed Boy running on the side of the building. The people chard out loud for them.

“Spider man…Spider man…Spider man!”

“Speed Boy…Speed Boy…Speed Boy.”

“How about that boss?” Said Hammerhead to Kingpin on bard the helicopter. “Not just the wall crawler but the Speed brat as.” Kingpin smiled evilly.

“Excellent!” Spider man swung up on to the cabs side and rip the door off.

“Spider man!” Molly said happily. “Where glad that you and Speed Boy have come.”

“Spider man throw Molly to me first.” Speed Boy shouted by putting his arms out.

“Alright! Molly I’m going to throw you to your brother and he’s going to catch you.”

“Ok!” Molly looked down and bravely jumped. While Speed Boy was about to catch her. But out of nowhere came Doctor Octopus’s tentacle and grabbed Molly.

“Molly!” Speed Boy shouted and saw Doctor Octopus. Speed Boy charged at him.

“Oh no you don’t Speed brat.” Electro said as he jumped out and zapped him. Molly gasped in horror.

“Stop it!” She shouted. Spider man swung across to help his friend.

“Going somewhere web wonder!” As Vulture flow, over and snapped his web. Spider man fell…but he quickly spun another web. He griped his self-back up. But something had his Spider sense tingling. He looked back and saw the Hob Goblin back slammed him.

“Hahaha you knew this was coming Spider freak.” By throwing pumpkin bombs at him. Speed Boy jumped back up and super speeded at Doctor Octopus still with little Molly in his tentacle. Speed Boy zoomed up. But only to have gone right throw them.

“Mhahaha!” Mysterio chuckled coming out of nowhere. “Mhahaha guess which one is the real one.” Speed Boy looked around and a lot of Doctor Octopus’s holding Molly aperid out of nowhere. Doing the same moves.

“Speed Boy I’m over here!” Molly shouted. Speed Boy could not tell which was which.

“You have to find the real one by fighting me too.” As Electro jumped out and zapped him. Speed jumped out of the way. “I’m still getting my revenger on you.”

“Bring it on lightning ass.” Speed Boy kept on running around hitting each hologram of Doctor Octopus. With Electro trying to zap him.

With Spider man

“Ah man my web shooters are empty!” Spider man shouted and landed on a pile of sand. He quickly reloaded his web shooters and looked up and saw Hob Goblin bashing the cab with Hugh and Fiona in it. “Hold on you two.” He shouted. But the sand he was standing to movie and dragged Spider man along too. Spider man fort his way off and got back up and looked up and saw an oversized Sandman.

“Hahaha!” Sandman chuckled. “You take me down looking like this web head hahah.” By throwing his first down at Spider man. Spider man dogged him and swung his way up to save Hugh and Fiona. Sandman swung his arm at Spider man. But missed him and bashed half of the construction building. That cursed the cab to shake. Fiona fell out of the cab. But grabbed the view mirror.

“Fiona quick take my hand.” Hugh shouted by reaching down for her.

“I can’t reach Hugh.” Hob Goblin flow back in and bashed the cab again. Fiona still hanging on lost her grip and fell. Hob Goblin watched her fall and lathed his head off.

“Hay…costume carrot!” Hob Goblin turned and saw Hugh. “You looked.” Hugh smiled and spat his Bees in Hob Goblin’s face.

“Haaaa…get them off me.” He cried and lost control of his glider.

“Help!” Fiona screamed as she was falling to her death. Thinking that this was it the end of her life.

“Hold on Fiona!” Shouted a voice. As out of nowhere Spider man swung out and grabbed her just in time. “Are you alright Fiona?” He asked.

“I’m fine Mr…err Mr…”

“Spider man kid. Don’t worry I’m a friend of Richard’s!”

“Ok Spider man but look out for that sand monster.” As Sandman throw his arm down at them. Spider man dogged him.

“Don’t worry Sandman is slow at that height.”

“Yah but what about the flying man?”

“The flying man…?” As Spider man’s Spider sense went off. He looked back and saw the Vulture heading straight for them. “Hang on Fiona this is going to a bumpy ride.” As he swung around Sandman with Vulture still on their tale.

With Speed Boy

“Still not the right me Speed Boy!” Doctor Octopus lathered.

“Yah right Doc!” Electro said still trying to zap him. “And I still won’t rest till I’ve got my revenge on him.” Speed Boy really got fed up of Electro.

“Ok Electro that does it!” Speed Boy yelled. As swung kicked him right in the face. Electro lost control of his electricity. That made a big electrical boom. That caused all the Doctor Octopus holograms to disappear. Speed Boy saw the real Doctor Octopus and released Molly. Molly ran from Electro’s electric floor. But Speed Boy zoomed out and picked his sister up and placed her on his back.

“You ok sis?”

“Well I glad you finally got me.” Molly said clinging on to her brother’s shoulders. “I’m guessing you’re going to put me in a safe place?”

“I don’t think so Molly I’m not letting you out of my site this time.”

“Well you took down Electro and Doc Ock. But Mysterio is still at large.”

“That quit right young lady!” As Mysterio stood on top of a slabs. “Yes, take me down all of me.” As Mysterio raised his green smoke. The smoke diapered to exposes ten Mysterio’s. “You found out the real Doctor Octopus. Now you find the real Mysterio…hahaha.” Speed Boy ran up and hit one of the Mysterio’s in the fish boil to reveal a robot. “Hahaha!” Mysterio chuckled. “You will never find the real Mysterio.”

“You can find the real Mysterio Speed Boy.” Molly whispered in his ear. “Your smart and brave…and you are my brother and I love you.” Speed Boy looked at the Mysterio in the centre. He charged at him and broke the Fish boil. This time this Mysterio revealed Quentin Beck and all the Mysterio robots switched off. “Alright you guys got me.” Quentin said.

“Good now you stay here and white for the police.” Speed Boy said.

With Spider man

“Spider man!” Fiona shouted “Vulture is gaining on us!”

“Give me the girl Spider man!” Vulture yelled.

“Don’t worry Vulture!” Said the giant Sandman. As he reached for them. But he grabbed Vulture mistake.”

“Aaaa you big fool put me down.” Sandman did not like Vulture’s insult.

“You just got in my dame way you old geezer!” And throw him on the ground. “Now I can get the brat and the bug by myself.”

“Get throws dame bugs off me!” Hob Goblin shouted. Fighting Hugh’s Bees. Hob Goblin fort so hard that he dropped his man purse filled with pumpkin bombs. “No, my bombs!” He shouted as the man purse landed right on Sandman and blow up. Sandman yelled in pain as the giant came tumbling down. Spider man swung to a safe place for Fiona. He saw Speed Boy and Molly waving to them. Spider man landed and put Fiona down.

“Fiona!” Speed Boy said as he and Molly came up to them.

“Richard…Molly!” Fiona shouted running to them and giving them a hug.”

“Hay where’s Hugh?” Molly pounded.

“Err guys a little help!” As they all looked and saw Hugh still in the hanging cab. Spider man webbed the cab and pulled it over.

“Hang on Hugh!” He said. Will get you out. Hugh jump out of the cab and took a little breather.

“You all right Hugh?” Fiona asked. Hugh looked at them all with a smile.

“I love New York.” He shouted happily. Speed Boy put his hand on Molly and started to talk.

“I took down Doc Ock, Electro and Mysterio. What about you web head?”

“Well Sandman and Vulture got into a fight and took each other down. Now that only leave’s…”

“Hahahaha!” Came an evil lather that tuned out to be the Hob Goblin. “You may have won this battle Spider man and Speed Boy. But this isn’t the end.” Speed Boy put his foot down at him.

“Yah but you’re not going anywhere near the children.”

“Oh, calm yourself. I had no interest in the children at all. The Sinister Six was higher by the Kingpin to bring the children to him.”

“The Kingpin!” Spider man and Speed Boy both said. Fiona got a little curious.

“Who’s the King…” She asked as Spider man covered her mouth.

“That’s all I can say for now hahahah.” Hob Goblin lathed and took off into the city.

In Kingpin helicopter

“Blast that wall crawler and Speed Brat for ruining my plans.” Kingpin shouted in rage. Hammerhead saw police helicopters coming to them.

“Err Boss the feds are on their way. We better get out of here.”

“Indeed Hammerhead…indeed. But I will soon have those children in the clutches of my hands.” As Kingpin’s helicopter headed back to Fisk tower.

Chapter 9 The Rescue Plan

The Daily Bugle

“Man, I made some good money today!” Spider man said to himself looking at his pay check. “And with Kitty coming back today…I’m taking her to dinner. Hmm I think I’ll give her a call to see how she’s doing” As Spider man was dialling Kitty’s number. He heard a yelling that made him drop his phone. He webbed his phone back up. Then stood up to look where the yelling was coming from. “That dos not sound good. I better go see what’s going on.” As he jumped of the building webbed down the street. “Man, what could that be?” He said to himself swinging throw Hell’s Kitchen. “Is it a kid napping or a bank robbery?” He landed in the place that was close to where he heard the yell. He looked around and turned and saw on the next building was Speed Boy standing on knees. Spider man waked up to him slowly. “Richard, are you ok?” He asked. Speed Boy angry swung round about to hit Spider man. Spider man jumped out of the way. Speed Boy raged in horror.


“Richard calm down buddy. It’s me.” Spider man took his mask off to show him his face. “It’s me Peter your best friend.”

“Hrr Peter!” Richard replied by tackling his sunglasses off. “I’m sorry Peter!”

“Hay it’s all right buddy. But just to tell you one thing. What happened here?”

“I don’t know bro…I told Molly to take Hugh and Fiona to a safe place. While I take down Mysterio.”

“White!” Peter intruded. “Mysterio was here?”

“Yes...but Molly and the others must have hidden up here. And while I was fighting Mysterio someone took them.” Peter looked around for clues. He soon found some sand on the floor.

“Well here one thing Rich. There is a lot of sand scatted around here. So, I know our buddy the Sandman was here.”

“Spider man!” Shouted a voice. The two friend’s quickly put their secret I.Ds back on and looked around to see who was shouting them. “Up here you fools!” As they looked up to the voice belonged to the Vulture. Speed Boy never met the Vulture before but Spider man told him a lot of about him.

“Where are they Vulture?” He shouted.

“If you want to know where the children are. Meet me at the new construction site in Sutton PL ahahaha.” Vulture sniggered and flow away into the city.

“Now there another thing Speed Boy. Vulture in on this too…but what matters now is we go find Molly and the others.”

“Your right web head.” Said Speed Boy as two best friends first bumped. “Let’s go find them.” They both started running and webbing throw the city.

Sutton PL New Construction Site

Vulture landed at the site where rest of the Sinister Six were waiting for him.

“Report to me now Vulture!” Said Doctor Octopus.

“I found Spider man and he is on his way along with Speed Boy.”

“Speed Boy!” Electro interrupted. “He’s coming?” Electro started to lather evilly. “Yes, Speed Boy coming…I can faille get my revenge on that creep…after that battle with him in Boston.”

“We all had battles with that kid before lighting ass.” Sandman said folding his arms.

“Yah I almost had it and he his side kick ruined it.”

“Har!” Mysterio muted. “We better tell the Kingpin we have got the children.”

“Indeed Mysterio!” Doctor Octopus agreed. “Kingpin come in!” He said on his earphone.

“What is it Octavius?” Kingpin replied. “Do you have the children?”

“We do have the children my good chap.”

“Well why haven’t you brut them to me?”

“We will my good chap. But I have something planed that you will like.”

“Go on then I’m listening.” Doctor Octopus showed him the screen to revile. Showing the children in a cab. With the cab hung upside down on a crane.

“We set a trap for our Arachnid friend. He will show up to save the children and we will be ride of him once and for all.”

“I like that plan with the children in my hands and the wall crawling menace out of the way. I will take over New York.”

“Will be waiting for him…Octopus out.”

“The Six came up with a good plan boss.” Said Hammerhead standing by Kingpin’s side.

“Indeed Hammerhead. And I want to see that bug squashed in the flesh. Prepare the helicopter.” Hammerhead nodded.

“Shore thing boss!” And walked out the room.

Top 10 TOHO Godzilla movies
My top 10 Godzilla movies.

10. Destroy all Monsters 1968. Well this movie did a lot more focus on the humans than the kaijus. But it was the first movie of a team of super heros together in one movie. Godzilla, Godzilla Jr, Mothra, Rodan, Kumonga, Varan, Baragon, Manda, Gorosaurus and Angirus. But I would ask you to skip to the end were all the monsters team up and fight King Ghidorah.

9. Godzilla 2014. This was the very first U.S.A Godzilla movie ever made. And for this movie I got what I wanted Godzilla to fight an original monster but not one but two monsters. Their hasn't been a fight like that seines Terror of MechaGodzilla. The Muto's are good monsters not the best.

8. Godzilla vs MechaGodzilla 2 1993. This was a good Godzilla movie. Where I always think in the it Godzilla came to attack the city not because he felt like it. I always think he came looking for his son that the humans took. Godzilla Jr was rely cute way better than he did in the 1960s. MechaGodzilla 2 was ok but I sticking with the original. Rodan I think was awesome and like the way he had fire powers and I hope he has the fire powers back in Godzilla 2. The best part of this movie was that he flow over Disney land. To bad he did flow down and eat Mickey Mouse.

7. Ghidorah the Three Headed Monster 1964. This was the very first movie where they intrudes King Ghidorah a evil three headed Dragon super villain from out space. In the movie Mothra asked Godzilla and Rodan to help her defeat King Ghidorah from taking over the would. Then the three kaiju's teamed up and took him down. It the first bad ass battle ever three kaiju's agents one and one head is not as better as three.

6. Godzilla Tokyo S.O.S 2003. I don't know what to say about this one how it's like a Mothra vs Godzilla remake just with Kiryu and Kamoebas in it. The battle in it was good Kiryu was a good MechaGodzilla 2nd best I think.

5. Godzilla vs Megalon 1973. Man this one was so bad that it was good. This one does stand out a lot and I think it does because of Jet Jaguar. At first Jet Jaguar was going to be the star of the movie. By have him and Megalon in battle. But TOHO throw Godzilla and Gigan into it. So it make it better. But best part in the battle was when Godzilla and Jet Jaguar fished Bebop and Rocksteady...oops I mine Gigan and Megalon off. When they took Gigan down Jet Jaguar throw him into the air and Godzilla blasted him with his atomic breath. The best part in the hole movie when fished Megalon off. Orr ill let you see it for your self. and also here to make it better here the Jet Jaguar song. Also I have my cat named Jet because he was jet black. But sometime nick name that past Jet Jaguar.

4. Godzilla final wars 2004. This Godzilla movie was like the ultimate Godzilla movie ever. It was going to have all the monsters in it. Well it was not all the monsters but it was a lot of them. But in this movie it had both monsters fighting and humans fighting as well. Here a list of the monsters that were in it. Godzilla, Manda, Gigan, Rodan, Zilla, Anguirus, King Caesar, Kamacuras, Kumoga, Godzilla Jr, Ebirah, Hedorah the Smog Monster and a new monster named Monster X then transforms into another new monster named Keizer Ghidorah.

3. Terror of MechaGodzilla 1975. This was the last Showa Godzilla movie. This one was awesome be it was the first time Godzilla battles two monsters and has no friends and MechaGodzilla is one of Godzilla's hardiest foes. But Godzilla won the battle by taking down MechaGodzilla and Titanosaurus. Well I know did say it was awesome of Godzilla fighting two monsters by himself. But I do wish Mothra was in the fight too. So she fort Titanosaurus and free him from his mind control.

2. Godzilla vs King Ghidorah 1991. This was the best Heisei movie ever Godzilla fighting agents King Ghidorah by himself and then King Ghidorah went from super villain to super hero when they made a cyborg out of him also know as Mecha King Ghidorah.

1. Godzilla King of the Monsters 1954. Yep is I had to give away all my Godzilla movies and keep one it be this one. To me it's not just a like a movie horror movie. It's like the Ghibli movie Grave of the Firefly. Both movies were after the war. And the war made Godzilla turn into the mutant Dinosaur and Seita and his sister struggled to service but they never made it.

So that my top 10 Godzilla movies let me know what you think. 

Pizza Planet

“Is this Pizza Planet?” Hugh asked Richard as they came to the arcade.

“It shore is little bro. I hope the robots at the door will let us in.” The gang stood at the door. As the robot guards looked at them.

“You are…clear to enter.” The robots said as they opened the doors. “Welcome…to…Pizza Plant.” Fiona had a little worry on her when she saw the robots.

“Molly are those robots real?”

“Don’t worry Fiona. They are just one of Tony Starks inventories. You don’t need to worry they won’t attack.” Fiona felt a little better after that.

“All right do you three want to go play in the arched…while order the food?” Richard asked the children.

“Ok Richard!” Molly replied. “But you haven’t forgotten what we wanted right?”

“Molly! I told you I written it down.”

“Good!” She nodded with a cheeky smirk.

“Well you three be good.” Richard smiled and headed off. “Having the cheekiest girl in the world for little sister.” He said to himself. What they did not know was across the street on top of a building that the they were being watched by the Sinister Six. Sandman had lost his passions.

“Geez Doc we found the brats. So, let’s grab them.”

“Not that way Sandman.” Doctor Octopus snap. “I have got it all planed out.” Electro got a little suspicious.

“I hope Mysterio knows what he’s doing Doc.”

“Don’t over do yourself again Electro. The children will run out and will be ready to grab them.”

In side Pizza Planet

“Mmm this food called pizza is rely tastiest.” Said Hugh. “And I think my Bees like it too. Glad you took us here Richard thanks.”

“Your welcome Hugh!” As he ruffed his head and turned to Fiona. “What about you Fiona?” Fiona took a bite and nodded her head. Molly turned to the stage as the curtains were opening.

“Hay guys look!” She shouted. The alien animatronic show is about to come on.”

“That odd!” Said a staff member looking at his watch. “The show not supposed to start in three minutes.” The curtains were fully open and green smoke came out of the stage.

“Believe me ladies and gentlemen.” Came a voice. “This is a new show.” Richard jumped up he knew who it was.

“Molly take Hugh and Fiona to a safe place now.” Molly nodded her head.

“Ok Richard!” She turned to Hugh and Fiona. “Come on you two we can hide on the roof. We can white for Richard up there.”

“People of New York! I am Mysterio here to find the children know as the Peculiars.”

“Yah right dude!” Shouted a man. “There is someone peculiar that’s here…and he on the stage.”

“Don’t you dare insult me.” Mysterio shouted. By throwing a fire ball at him. The man covered his face as out of nowhere Speed Boy zoomed out and grabbed him just in time.

“Everyone get out of the building now!” Speed Boy shouted. He turned back to Mysterio. “What brings you here Mysterio?”

“That is none of your concern Speed Boy.”

“Well whatever you want you have to get past me first ping pong ball head.” Speed Boy charged at Mysterio and went straight throw him.

“Haha you can’t tell which is the real me Speed Boy. As Mysterio circled himself around him.

On the roof top

“Is Richard all right down there?” Fiona said with worry. Molly got a little worried as well.

“I don’t know Fiona I’m going to go down and have a look.” When Molly was about to open the door, a pumpkin landed right near her and blow up. Molly was knocked out and flying above her stood the Hob Goblin.

“Hahahah trick or treat!” He laughed.

“Are you a peculiar?” Hugh asked.

“I don’t know what a peculiar is!” Said a voice behind him. “But I like that shirt your wearing.” Hugh turned and saw a big hammer out of sand hit him right in the face. “Because the band who sang that song was about me…ahahah.” Sandman chuckled. Fiona was shocked to see what Sandman did to her friend.

“Hugh no!” She shouted.

“Zip it flowers girl!” As Electro jump in front of her and zapped her to knock her out. Electro then contacted Doctor Octopus on his ear phone. “Doc we have the peculiar children like you said but there are three of them. I thought there be only two.”

“Never mind that Electro bring them all to me now!”

“On it!”

Back in Pizza Planet

“Have you gusted which is the real Mysterio yet Speed Boy?” Mysterio chuckled. While Speed Boy kept on hitting all the holograms.

“You hide for ever Mysterio. I will find you.”

“Octopus calling Mysterio. Do you read me?”

“Loud and clear Octopus!” As Mysterio talked on his ear phone.

“We have the peculiars…fall back now.” Doctor Octopus order. Mysterio turned back to Speed Boy.

“I love to stay and chat Speed Boy. But me and the rest of the Sinister Six. Have a peculiar date with three children.” He said and diapered. Speed Boy got a little worry in him and shot up stares to the roof top. As he got to the top he saw a war zone. And right next to his foot was a little blue teddy hat. He picked it up and felt rage in him. “Molly…Molly. MOLLYYYYYY” He shouted.

My Fan Fiction Universe.


My Fan Fiction Earth

This is not a Fan Fiction story it’s a journal about my universe. The stories will mostly be about my OCs and they will meet other super heroes as well. In my universe there be DC, Marvel, Toho and TMNT. There will be some other super heroes as well like the Thundermans, Megamind, The Incredibles, Miraculous and also The Universal Classic Monster like Dracula, Frankenstein and the Wolfman.

I’m also having GTA characters in it too but only GTA 4 episodes from Liberty city and GTA 5.


I might have change some of the Marvel charters a bit here a list of them.

Spider-man, He is still your friendly neighbourhood Spider-man. But there was one thing I did not like him doing every time Mary Jaen breaks up with him. He like get a new girlfriend and then M.J wants him back. I’ll be like no M.J you broke up with me I don’t want to be with you again. I am a Spider-man and Kitty Pryde fan. So they will be a couple in my universe.

Kitty Pryde, In Marvel Comics Kitty did discover her mutant powers when she 13. But in my universe she discovers it when she 5. So my OC Speed Boy, Richard Hayes can have a friend at his age.

Molly Hayes, When I read the Runaways first comic I relly felt sad for Molly I wanted to hug her and keep her safe. So I wanted to make my OC Speed Boy be Molly’s long lost older brother and she will then live with my OCs as well. In the comics she was 11 almost 12. But in my story she has just turned 10 and I also gave her this other mutant power as well. Where she and Richard have a telepathic mind where they can scene one another. Like in Godzilla when Miki Saegusa can scene Godzilla and his son.

Mary Jane Wotson, In my FF she will be a horrible girl that wants to keep Spider-man and Kitty a part and also my OCs too.

The Pride, Alex Wilder and the Pride will not die after the Gibborim.


Is still the same way. But the Justice League and the Avengers will do some team work and together.


It will be the 80s version in my universe same with the villains. And I will be featuring charters from the 2012 TMNT who never appeared in the 80s. Like Fishface and Dogpound, Karri, Tigerclaw, Hun and the Purple Dragon and Renet. But I have change some of the TMNT villains a bit.

Shredder, Shredder was always like a 3 year old but this time I made him reactors more sinister like the 2012 Shredder. He and Krang will still get into fights.

Leatherhead, The 80s Letherhead was a bad guy. But I do remember a part where Shredder helped him out of the quicksand and he was like why are you being so nice to Leatherhead. And I am going to do an FF where my OCs make friends with him.

Slash, In the 80s Slash was more thick than the 2012. But if the Turtles had a talk with him instead of fighting him. I think they will make friends with him.

Bebop and Rocksteady, They are Shredder henchmen but I think they should be bad guys at first and turn to the good side.


I did decide to make all the Godzilla monsters talk and Godzilla and Anguirus did talk in Godzilla vs Gigan. It will only be Toho monsters. I did want to have Gamera but I decide to keep that as a movie and same with Ultraman as well. The only giant monsters that will show in my FF that are not part of Toho are from Marvel and DC. Like Fin Fang Foom and Devil Dinosaur. The only Toho monster that will not be in my FF and that is King Kong. All the Toho monster are like super heros and villains. But Kong is not a Super hero he just a fat ape so he will never show up in my FF. Also Godzilla in my universe will be a sequel to the 1954 movie.

Movies that exist in my universe and in nonfiction history books

The Jurassic Park Quadrilogy will have happened. Jurassic World will have been rebuilt and reopened.

Indiana Jones adventures will be in nonfiction history books and the Ark will be hold up in New York’s Museum of natural history.

Sherlock Homes will have a nonfiction history book as well.

How Blackbeard was a real pirate and had history I desired to have the Pirates of the Caribbean Quadrilogy as a nonfiction book.

I love the western trilogy so that a nonfiction alongside with my favourite cowboy video game Red Dead Redemption.

Well that my fan fiction universe let me know what you think of it.


R.J Oxley
United Kingdom


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