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Run run Rodan Godzilla got to make it to town by MonsterIsland1969
Run run Rodan Godzilla got to make it to town
I had this idea stuck in my mind. Having Godzilla as Father Christmas and Rodan as his Reindeer.
Black Claw and his henchmutants by MonsterIsland1969
Black Claw and his henchmutants
Black Claw 2 new henchmutants Tusk and Sliy a mutant Elephant and Weasel.
Tusk and Sly by MonsterIsland1969
Tusk and Sly
Tusk and Sly were 2 members of the biker gang the Angles of Death. Working as Black Claw drug delivers. But as the Speed Kids kept on ruing their plans. So Black Claw offered them mutant power to take the Speed Kids down. Tusk became a mutant Elephant and Sly became a mutant Weasel so beware beware be very very ware.

Chapter 2 Yoona’s surprise

Richard and Molly entered the den to see the others were watching the Grinch.

“Do you ever think the Orange Lantern Larfleeze is like real living Grinch?” Victor said.

“You can say that again Victor!” Karolina replied. “I can’t get over what happened to that actress Taylor Momsen…with that song she stared in by the Pretty Reckless.”

“Hay guys me and Molly didn’t miss anything, right?” As he sat down and put his arm around Yuri. Then Molly sat on his lap.

“You don’t need to worry Richard.” Nico relied. “It just started.” After when the movie was over Richard got a little hungry.

“Dude what’s taking that turkey so long.” As he got up. “Wolfman would have had it read by now. Chases can you come and give me hand?”

“Shor thing bro!” As Chases jumped up and followed him into the kitchen. Molly then took the remote.

“Hay guys I heard there a Christmas special of the Load House that’s on the T.V.” As she flicked throw the channel.

“Well I think dinner will be ready in a minute sis.” Yuri said.

“Oh, good I’m starving!” Said Gert.

“I thought we never get a good Christmas this year.” Karolina said feeling happy and joyful. “I thought we be spending it at Avengers Academy. How that’s are home now.” Yuri then felt bad for all the Runaways and wanted say something please her friends.

“Why can’t you guys just movie in here with us?” They all looked at Yuri in shock. Nico was the first one to speak.

“You mine instead of just coming for holiday seasons. We can live here?”

“Of course, Nico. You can have the super hero life and a normal too. We’re not like the Teen Titans where we must wear our outfits every day.”

“Yah!” Karolina replied. “I’m glad we did not movie into Titans Tower. Listening to Starfire romantic hobbies will send me mad.”

“You like this Karolina?” Yoona asked sitting next to her. “Oh, Robin I’m madly in love with you mow mow mow.”

“Hay that’s a good impression their Yoona.” Karolina laughed as they all lathing at Yoona’s joke. “Oh, why thank you friend Karolina…curiosity of bounds. Please where do you come from…how did you get here…what’s is your favourite colour…do you wish to be my friend.”

“Ahah man I’m glad you invited us over instead of the Teen Titans.” Victor chuckled.

“I’m glad none of my kaiju friends don’t react like that.” Yuri said trying to stop lathing from her sister’s joke. “Ok Yoona take it easy now. Remember one of the Teen Titans save you from the Legion of Doom.”

“Yah but Yuri that was Beast Boy. You know he better off with us.

With Richard and Chases

Richard and Chases entered the kitchen with their jaws hanging open. To see the Wolfman with the turkey he cooking on fire.

“Lawrence what happened?” Richard shouted.

“I don’t know you just got to help me put this fire out.”

“Hang on dude!” Shouted Chases as he grabbed an extinguisher. “I’ll put this out.” As he spaced it on the turkey.

“Yo Lawrence!” Richard asked. “Are you all right?”

“Yah I’m fine...but I think dinner is cancelled.” As he looked at the burnt turkey.

“Man, that looks bad Wolfman. Come on Rich we better tell the others.” As he headed out. Richard looked at the Wolfman.

“Hay I’m sorry Wolfman.” As he followed Chases. They came back into the den and told the others the bad news

In the den

“So, the turkey got burnt.”

“So, were not having Christmas dinner?” Klara said sadly.

“I’m afraid so Klara.” Richard replied nodding his head.

“White!” Yoona shouted by razing her hand. “I have something that we can all eat.” As she went to the Christmas tree and flow around it and plucked some of the decorations off. She then fly’s back to them. “I backed these ginger bread men for you all. I written all your names on them.” As she gave them out. Richard took a little look at the back of his and saw Yoona witan a little note on the back.

“Hay Yuri look what Yoona had witan.”

“To my big brother, Richard hope you have a Merry Christmas. And thank you for being my big brother from Yoona. Aww thanks Yoona.”

“Hay I got one too!” Klara said. “To my best friend, Klara have merry merry Christmas from your best friend Yoona and thank you for being my best friend.” Klara then turned to Yoona. “Thank you very much Yoona.”

“Aww your welcome Klara.” Yoona smiled then she turned to Karolina. “Reed yours Karolina.” She giggled.

“Alright then Yoona!” As she had a look. “To my friend, Karolina I’m glad you have come. Your like are the angel for Christmas spirt. When you’re in your angel form…you like my Mom how she got all colourful wings. From your friend Yoona. Aww thanks Yoona.” As she gave her a little side hug. “But I’m not really an angel. I’m achily alien.”

“You look more like an angel than an alien.” Karolina felt hart worming. From the speech of a child. Karolina then turned to her best friend Nico. “Come on Nico what does yours say?”

“Hmm it says! To my friend, Nico! It was so nice that someone as nice as you to come and join us for Christmas. Even if you do have my evil Aunt Battra’s Staff of One. But I don’t think that’s your fault because you’re too nice. My Aunt Battra must have done something nasty to you. From Yoona.

“Aww thanks Yoona. But it wasn’t Battra who did this to me with the Staff of One. It was my parents…but we all know that the Staff of One came from Battra’s temple…so my parents must have stolen it.”

“I will think read mine now!” Said Victor as he looked. “To my new friend, Victor I did not know what to say. But I am glad to have you as a new friend.” As he finished his speech. “Thanks, Yoona I’m glad to have you as a new friend too.” As he patted her on the head.

“Ok dudes!” As Chases butted in. “I want to read mine. To my friend Chases you’re mine…and I hate it when you call me little dude only my friend Michelangelo can call me that. So, in your face and you’re a little bit brainless. From Yoona. What?” As he Chases looked down at Yoona.

“Well that is true Chases.” As Nico stuck up for Yoona. Yoona then stuck her tong at him.

“Calm down honey!” As Gert came up to him. “Let’s read what mine says. To Gert I’m glad you have come because like my sister you have a pet dinosaur. Now Tyrant has a friend to play with him. And were glad to have you here as well. From Yoona.” Gert smiled. “Thanks, Yoona that’s very sweet of you.”

“Your welcome Gert!” Yoona replied. Holding her hands to her back.

“I guess it’s my turn to read mine!” Molly said as she had a look. “To my sister, Molly! I know you’re not really my sister…but ever sins Richard came back from Los Angeles with you. It felt like he brings someone for me to play with every day. So, I like to say to Molly I love you and I am glad I got a big sister to play with. From Yoona.” Molly looked Yoona a big smile. “Thanks, Yoona!” As picked her up and swung her around. “And am glad to have you as a little sister too.” Everyone had finished reading their notes that Yoona put on their ginger bread men. When Yoona turned to Yuri.

“I wanted to give yours last Yuri.” As she gave her ginger bread man. “So, you cud be the last one to read your note.” Yuri smiled at her little sister.

“Alright Yoona!” As Yoona handed it over to her. “To my older sister, Yuri.” As she started to reed it. “I know Godzilla and Mothra adopted us and they are our new family. But you’re the only real family I’ve got…and it just cannot be Christmas without being with you. I also don’t just want to say I love you. But love you most of all…because you’re my sister…from your sister Yoona.” Yuri look at Yoona. She then kneeled down and gave her a hug. “I love you too Yoona!” She said as they felt the hart worming.

“That’s just like us isn’t it Richard?” Molly smiled at her brother.

“It shore is Molly…it shore is!”

“Aww Yuri lucky to her for a sister.” Karolina said to Nico putting her arm around her shoulder. As a tie drop from Karolina’s eye. Yuri then stopped hugging Yoona and tuned to the rest of the Runaways.

“Dinner might be ruined gang. But we’ve all still got each other and that’s a lot for love and Christmas. And Yoona whisper to me what we can all do together.   

The Speeding Christmas
Yoona has a Christmas surprise for all her friend. 
Home Alone by MonsterIsland1969
Home Alone
Here is a pick of my OC Yoona as Kevin from Home Alone. I also casted Bebop and Rocksteady from TMNT as Harry and Marv. Hope Yoona makes good traps for them.

My Fan Fiction Universe.


My Fan Fiction Earth

This is not a Fan Fiction story it’s a journal about my universe. The stories will mostly be about my OCs and they will meet other super heroes as well. In my universe there be DC, Marvel, Toho and TMNT. There will be some other super heroes as well like the Thundermans, Megamind, The Incredibles, Miraculous and also The Universal Classic Monster like Dracula, Frankenstein and the Wolfman.

I’m also having GTA characters in it too but only GTA 4 episodes from Liberty city and GTA 5.


I might have change some of the Marvel charters a bit here a list of them.

Spider-man, He is still your friendly neighbourhood Spider-man. But there was one thing I did not like him doing every time Mary Jaen breaks up with him. He like get a new girlfriend and then M.J wants him back. I’ll be like no M.J you broke up with me I don’t want to be with you again. I am a Spider-man and Kitty Pryde fan. So they will be a couple in my universe.

Kitty Pryde, In Marvel Comics Kitty did discover her mutant powers when she 13. But in my universe she discovers it when she 5. So my OC Speed Boy, Richard Hayes can have a friend at his age.

Molly Hayes, When I read the Runaways first comic I relly felt sad for Molly I wanted to hug her and keep her safe. So I wanted to make my OC Speed Boy be Molly’s long lost older brother and she will then live with my OCs as well. In the comics she was 11 almost 12. But in my story she has just turned 10 and I also gave her this other mutant power as well. Where she and Richard have a telepathic mind where they can scene one another. Like in Godzilla when Miki Saegusa can scene Godzilla and his son.

Mary Jane Wotson, In my FF she will be a horrible girl that wants to keep Spider-man and Kitty a part and also my OCs too.

The Pride, Alex Wilder and the Pride will not die after the Gibborim.


Is still the same way. But the Justice League and the Avengers will do some team work and together.


It will be the 80s version in my universe same with the villains. And I will be featuring charters from the 2012 TMNT who never appeared in the 80s. Like Fishface and Dogpound, Karri, Tigerclaw, Hun and the Purple Dragon and Renet. But I have change some of the TMNT villains a bit.

Shredder, Shredder was always like a 3 year old but this time I made him reactors more sinister like the 2012 Shredder. He and Krang will still get into fights.

Leatherhead, The 80s Letherhead was a bad guy. But I do remember a part where Shredder helped him out of the quicksand and he was like why are you being so nice to Leatherhead. And I am going to do an FF where my OCs make friends with him.

Slash, In the 80s Slash was more thick than the 2012. But if the Turtles had a talk with him instead of fighting him. I think they will make friends with him.

Bebop and Rocksteady, They are Shredder henchmen but I think they should be bad guys at first and turn to the good side.


I did decide to make all the Godzilla monsters talk and Godzilla and Anguirus did talk in Godzilla vs Gigan. It will only be Toho monsters. I did want to have Gamera but I decide to keep that as a movie and same with Ultraman as well. The only giant monsters that will show in my FF that are not part of Toho are from Marvel and DC. Like Fin Fang Foom and Devil Dinosaur. The only Toho monster that will not be in my FF and that is King Kong. All the Toho monster are like super heros and villains. But Kong is not a Super hero he just a fat ape so he will never show up in my FF. Also Godzilla in my universe will be a sequel to the 1954 movie.

Movies that exist in my universe and in nonfiction history books

The Jurassic Park Quadrilogy will have happened. Jurassic World will have been rebuilt and reopened.

Indiana Jones adventures will be in nonfiction history books and the Ark will be hold up in New York’s Museum of natural history.

Sherlock Homes will have a nonfiction history book as well.

How Blackbeard was a real pirate and had history I desired to have the Pirates of the Caribbean Quadrilogy as a nonfiction book.

I love the western trilogy so that a nonfiction alongside with my favourite cowboy video game Red Dead Redemption.

Well that my fan fiction universe let me know what you think of it.


R.J Oxley
United Kingdom

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