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Maguma and Fix it Felix Jr by MonsterIsland1969
Maguma and Fix it Felix Jr
I remember in Alice in Wonder land the Walrus and the Carpenter. So here we Maguma the giant Walrus from Gorath as the Walrus and Fix it Felix Jr from Wake it Ralph as the Carpenter.

Maguma belongs to Toho.

Fix it Felix Jr belongs to Disney.

Chapter 1 Trip to McDonalds


Hiddenville mansion Molly and Yoona’s room

“I’m going to win this race.” Yoona giggled as she and Molly were laying on the top bunk of their bed playing Crash Team Racing.

“Ho no you don’t Yoona I’m going to win.” As they were about to get the finishing line. Until Richard shouted up to them.

“Hay Molly…Yoona. Me and Yuri thought we take you two to McDonalds for dinner.”

“Were going to McDonalds Yoona.” Molly smiled to her best friend. “Let’s go.” As they jumped of the bunk bed and raced down the corridor. As they got to the stair way they saw Richard and Yuri in the main hall. Molly came to a holt and grabbed Yoona and hide behind the wall.

“Aaw Molly…that…”

“Sheee! I’ve being waiting for this. I’m wording if Richard and Yuri going to kiss.”

“Why do you want to see that Molly?”

“Because if they stay a couple forever will be a family.”

Richard turned and looked up stairs. “I wonder what’s taking those two little monkeys so long.” Richard said to Yuri looking up the stairs. “Are you two ready?”

“Earr yah were ready.” Molly said coming down the stairs holding Yoona’s hand. “Were good to go.”

“Ok then!” Yuri smiled. “Me and Richard were thinking we wake down and you two can take your scooters.”

“Yah let’s take are scooters.”

5 Minutes later

“Scooter sisters!” Molly shouted as she and Yoona were scootering down the street. While Richard was waking behind with his arm around Yuri’s shoulder. “We are scooter sisters…scooter sister.” Molly happily shouted. “Scooter sister.”

“What’s with Molly shouting that?” Richard asked.

“Arr she just trying to be cute.” Yuri said as she gave Richard a kiss on the side of his face.

“Come on scooter sister. Let’s go scooter sister.”

“Hay Molly!” Yoona asked “Do think when we get to McDonalds we can go in the play arena?”

“Hmm I don’t know.” As Molly stopped her scooter. “Hay Richard…when we get to McDonalds can me and Yoona go in the play arena?”

“No Molly were going to get the McDonalds and bring it back home.”

“Hmm!” Molly sulked and looked back at her brother and blow a raspberry at him.

“Why…that cheeky monkey.” Richard said in shock. He couldn’t believe what his sister had just done. “Did you just see what she just did Yuri…Yuri.” As he tuned to see Yuri doing a little snig. “What are you lathing at.”

“Sorry love! Let me speak with her. Err Molly! Can you come here a minute?” Molly turned and came up to them. “I know Richard just made you stubborn. Maybe I’ll explain it to you.”

“Ok Yuri!” Molly smiled at her role model sister.

“We were thinking if we go to McDonalds and bring it home and we watch a movie with it and you can pick the movie.”

“Oh that’s even better.” Molly looked up in joy. Then she turned to Richard. “I’m sorry I blow that raspberry at you.”

“It’s ok Molly!” As he nailed down to her. “And I’m sorry that I made you stubborn.” Richard then gave her a hug and what he was not excepting. Molly gave him a little kiss on his lips. As she giggled back to her scooter. “Err…Molly always doing that trick to me.” He said to Yuri by getting up.

“It’s because you’re the only family she got.” Yuri smiled. “And you’re the only family she got that show that you really love and cares for her.” As they both watched their sisters go down the street on their scooters.

“Where we going scooter sister?” Molly shouted.

“They are lovely!” Yuri smiled as she Richard looked at one another and their got close to one another. As they just hared Molly and Yoona scream out loud. They thought they got hit by a car or something. But they did not hear a car crash or beep or anything. Richard and Yuri super speeded around the bend of the next street to find were Molly and Yoona were scramming.

“You!” Richard shouted in anger. To see Frank and Leslie Dean hovering above them.

“One more move!” Leslie pointed. “Or my husband will pop the brats heads off.”

“Yuri help!” Yoona shouted as she started to cry.

“You keep that math shut kiddo.” Frank snapped. “Or you will die.”

“What dos the Pride want this time Leslie?” Richard shouted.

“The Pride is over Richard. After when you the rest of our children ruined are planes. But Frank and I have still got our plans to have you and Karolina’s married. And you and my Karolina better come alone or the brats will die.”

“Married!” Both Richard and Yuri said in shock. As the Deans flow off with Molly and Yoona.

“Yuri!” Yoona cried.

“Don’t worry Yoona I promise will come…I promise.”

“I can’t believe it Yuri!”

“Believe what love?”

“Why the Deans want me and Karolina to be married?”

“I don’t know Richard. But knowing Karolina…I think she does not know anything about this. We better head to the Avengers facility and tell Karolina about this.” Richard and Yuri looked at one another and first bump. And shot off to the facility with their super speed.

Wedding Day
Richard and Yuri decided to take their sister a wake to McDonalds.
Earth Defenders vs The Brotherhood of Evil Kaijus by MonsterIsland1969
Earth Defenders vs The Brotherhood of Evil Kaijus
The fight takes place in Los Angles.

Earth Defenders               Brotherhood of Evil Kaijus
Godzilla                           SpaceGodzilla
Mothra                            Battra
Rodan                             King Ghidorah
Way Big                          Destroyah
Anguirus                         Gigan
Titanosaurus                   Megalon
Varan                             King Kong
Kumonga                        Hedorah
Zilla                               MechaGodzilla
Gorosaurus                     Muto

The Runaways vs the Foot by MonsterIsland1969
The Runaways vs the Foot
Battle takes place in New York streets and the Technodrome coming out from the ground.

Hello to you all fellow deviants. I'm going to deliets some of my art work but reset them. So I can make my Deviant Art gallery a bit more tidy.


United Kingdom

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